Lands End Shooting Club

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As previously stated the club is mainly a Practical shooting club. For those of you unfamiliar with this form of shooting a visit to the UKPSA web site may be of use. Practical shooting is rather akin to the Rally Driving of the shooting world in so much as it is not necessarily  the fastest or most accurate shooter that wins but a combination of the two. It involves solving physical problems and uses a multitude of firing positions and obstacles to increase the difficulty The club shoots these styles of competition with all firearms.

The club also shoots various target competitions based upon the old pistol disciplines like Police Pistol One. These have sometimes been modified to take into account the various firearms we now use and the targets have also been changed to suit. The next pages contain three courses of fire, these are the ones most frequently used by the club, there are too many variables to list them all but this should give you a guide.