Lands End Shooting Club

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The club usually meets every Sunday and holds two competitions, one in the morning from about 10.00am until 1.30pm and another in the afternoon from 2.00pm until about 4.00pm. These times may vary due to weather or numbers of entrants.

We shoot various disciplines for all types of firearm but are mainly a Practical shooting style based club.

There are competitions for Lever-Action Rifle, .22 Rifle, Long Barrelled Revolver, Muzzle-loading revolver as well as other full-bore rifle such as the Lee Enfield .303 (using reduced power home loads). Shotguns are also catered for with a monthly clay pigeon and Practical shoots (including target shoots using solid slug).

While most of competitions are practical style we do shoot regular target based types such as PP1, 1500 and Bianchi.

For those of you who are not familiar with practical shooting styles they are shooting involving obstacles, movement and the solving of various challenges in order to engage the target. Whereas standard target shooting is fairly static usually involving just a change of stance such as standing, kneeling or prone.

Every so often, on a month with a fifth Sunday the club arranges special shoots, sometimes themed, such as western style cowboy, these are in the main all day shoots and sometimes include a BBQ.